Do You Really Need Silicon Valley PR? [FLOWCHART]

I’m no PR expert, certainly not when it comes to PR in Silicon Valley. I’m learning through, thanks in part to this article from the NY Times. So if you’re also confused, I’ve gone ahead and made up a little flowchart that breaks down the process.


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8 Comments about “Do You Really Need Silicon Valley PR? [FLOWCHART]”

  1. Tyler Hurst Says:

    So much for social media bringing power to the people. It just contributed to the rise of a new elite class.

  2. Daynah Says:

    So that’s how PR works! :)

  3. Chris Spinchange Says:

    Well done!

  4. michael arrington Says:

    wow. it all makes so much sense now. :-)

  5. Georgiana Comsa Says:

    Ouch! It hurts. Our agency’s name happens to be “Silicon Valley PR.”

  6. The great flattener of our time | tdhurst Says:

    [...] assume that there wouldn’t be another ruling class with more power than the rest of us? Not everyone seems to think [...]

  7. Tyler Says:

    I’m trying to flirt with those guys, but what are their names? The only one I recognize is Brian Solis…

  8. Zack Says:

    Don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to run the straight-ahead Twitter playbook!

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