lalawag in the LA Times

The LA times wrote up a nice article about lalawag yesterday. It covers some of the details and inspiration behind why I started the site, it even covers some of the issues associated with running a gossip blog in this space. Let’s review and recap:

  • Soft Launching: Consider what you see on lala now as part of the soft launch. Look to 09 for the site to hit its full stride. I’m still formulating what that all means but look for it.
  • Events: We want to be everywhere when it comes to events, the front door, the stage and even the bathroom (that’s where all the best gossip is after all). As the events season picks up again stay tuned for this.
  • Sexy Sexist: The LA times pieces talks  about Valleywag (RIP) being sexist among other things. I’m not looking for lala to be, the ladies of the LA tech scene are a big part the whole picture here. In fact I would say there wouldn’t be much of a scene without them. So while I’m more than happy to highlight and promote the smart and savvy ladies of LA, please don’t assume we won’t trash you if the opportunity arises. 
  •  Career Ruining: The only career I’m really looking to risk here is my own. However if you are concerned that a lala piece would end yours, please drop me a line to “opt-out”. If requested we won’t cover you or your antics, unless of course the material is just damn juicy.  If you are on the enemy or frenemy list you can’t opt out, instead you’ll just have to enjoy the show.

Any more questions please let me know. Also looking for events to come in a sponsor the site next year. If interested let us know.

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Published: December 27th, 2008 | 734 views