Magpie: How to Lose a Follower in 10 Tweets

Twitter Bling

Twitter Bling

Magpie is a service that helps you monetize your Twitter followers. Ads are placed into your stream every 5 tweets automatically (they store your login info).

I’m titling this post How to Lose a Follower in 10 Tweets because I assume any valuable followers would drop you after the 2nd ad. A novel idea sure, but I only see low weight users with noisy time lines giving this a serious push. Most of us are now focusing on noise reduction, so we won’t appreciate the ads. 

TechCrunch is calling this PayPerPost for Twitter. Much Like PPP, I assume the publishers here are mostly mom and pop based operations trying to tap social media. Normally by spamming it just a bit. Of course that’s a bit ironic because many of us happily use Twitter to pimp our own endeavours. 

I’ve yet to see a #magpie tag flow by on my feed, since I keep my followers pretty tight I don’t expect to see many. But hey, I won’t blame a few of you for trying, if you do let me know your experience in the comments.

Check the Twitter Search to see some of the ads, along with user reactions. Also this discussion on FriendFeed.

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9 Comments about “Magpie: How to Lose a Follower in 10 Tweets”

  1. Giannii Says:


    I completely agree with the title as I am not fond of those tweets. Great topic!

  2. sidparajuli Says:

    You cant put a price on friendsship and in this case if you want to make money at the cost of annoying people on twitter be prepared to lose dollwers. In the days of using adblock on browsers such as firefox, dont try your luck by trying to implement ads.

  3. pcnerd37 Says:

    I have been using Magpie since it came out and have only had 7 Magpie tweets so far. I believe this is due to the lack of advertisers they have using the service which is why I am not making anywhere near what they said I could make. I mainly signed up for it to have another source of income as I could use the money.

    So far, I have not had a single person complain or stop following me. If they started getting more advertisers so that I would get more Magpie tweets, I might quit or dial it back to like one in every 10 tweets or something. As of right now, I am getting less than one a day so its not bad and easy to ignore.

  4. Matthew Wayne Selznick Says:

    I’m intrigued by Magpie, but like so many, I don’t want to alienate my friends. So I’ve left it up to them to tell me if I should use it or not.

    So far, most folks appear to be tolerant of the idea of advertising in my Twitterstream because they know I need to find as many streams of income as possible while I’m unemployed. We’ll see how it goes..!

  5. Sean Says:

    Hey look two followers I didn know were using it! Guys please tell me how it goes, very curious to know how much you earn!

  6. pcnerd37 Says:

    In the three weeks or so that I have been using it, I have made €4.55. Thats not bad for 7 tweets. Its not much at this point, but I hope it picks up when I either get more followers or they get more advertisers. I just passed 250 followers tonight, so I am curious to see if I make more money based on how many followers I have. Ideally, I would like to make enough from it to pay for some of the necessities of life, such as gas or my car insurance. Im still making more money from it than I am from Adsense, which is all I care about. When it comes to making money, Adsense sucks.

  7. sean Says:


  8. joe Says:


  9. Dantanner Says:

    I used Magpie’s self promotion tweet ( which does not pays me BTW) to experiment and I got a violent reaction. Immediately several followers bolted out the barn like racehorses. Why Magpie is so hated? I don’t understand it. You see commercials all day long on radio and TV how can Internet be free of them?

Published: November 24th, 2008 | 580 views