Deathcasting Was Inevitable

I wrote back in May about deathcasting, alluding to the prospect of someone live broadcasting their death via an online service. Grim yes, and sadly it just happened. NewTeeVee reports about 19 year old Abraham K. Bigg who used lifestreaming service to broadcast his own suicide. To make matters worse, apparently he was egged on by the chatroom. If you’ve spend any time in a chatroom, you’re probably well aware of demographic and not too surprised to hear this.

Eventually some of the chatroom did reach out to contact the police, unfortunately it was too late. The video streamed until the paramedics broke down the door and blocked the camera.

There is a lot to say and think about here, first condolences to family and friends. An event like this is tragic enough without being broadcast and re-blogged to exhaustion. Next we should think about how these technologies come into play during these times. Safe to say this won’t be the last time we see something like this. In a new media world, lifestreaming yourself is common place to us geeks. For younger generations however they are now inheriting these services as part of their own adolensce.

Mix the ongoing popularity race of life with the power of these new technologies and you get something very compelling, and other times just plain scary.

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  1. This is the most messed up thing I’ve read about in a while | Nicholas Allen Says:

    [...] Seriously [...]

  2. Frits Says:

    Actually this happened over a year ago.

    Don´t believe everything you (apperently :)) read in a “entertainment Guide” :)

  3. Frits Says:

    Forget the entertainment guide :)

  4. NaturalChic Says:

    Sorry Frits but this happened on 11/21/08 in Florida……

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