New Google Mobile App, Fails to Launch


Google Mobile App

Google Mobile App

Whats going on with the much anticipated update to the Google Mobile App? The latest update was to bring voice based searching to the iPhone, a very cool and Star Trek like enhancement. I’ve long said the iPhone is the first incarnation of a “pad” like device seen throughout the beloved trek franchises. Voice being the key missing element to this already hyper connected device. So it was supposed to launch yesterday, that didn’t happen, now the demo video is starting to get pulled from Google’s site and YouTube. The fanboys are, as they say in a tizzy,  the focus drawn to the App Stores approval process.

I was really looking forward to giving this app a try, lets hope we all get a chance soon.

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Update: TechCrunch says Monday

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4 Comments about “New Google Mobile App, Fails to Launch”

  1. Adam Computes Says:

    People don’t do research on an iphone. They do it on their desktop or notebook or UMPC. I found some voice recognition software named Tazti speech recognition that actually is a free download and performs voice searches of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and many other websites. It also lets me log into and navigate Facebook and Myspace by talking to my PC. tazti also lets me control my iTunes music player bu talking to my PC. It really works well.

    Here’s their youtube demo video:

    tazti is a free download from

  2. Sean Percival Says:

    tazti seems nice, but its not going to help when while driving :)

  3. Hayden Parker Says:

    8.6 million iphones were sold in the first quarter of this year. If only 10 out of every 100 iphone users do some kind of research on their iphones each day – from bar bets to getting the math formulas you left lying on your pc at home, that’s 860,000 daily searches. That’s hard math. “People don’t do research on an iphone” is a generality, which are almost always false, and always show a lack of adequate research, which you can do on an iphone, when you read this. Burn.

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Published: November 16th, 2008 | 1,096 views